violin All I can play are two notes one followed by the other not saying too much or too quickly even simple notes can create melody sometimes isn’t that most of our days— knowing we did something, felt something, but have so little too say?      


Maybe all our dreams are about those fears, even the ones we smile over that laughter might first sprout from a nervous notion lest something else could flash out: that might it be possible for me to hold something tender that I will come to want so dearly?

Mowing Lawns

There are many mistakes made in this man’s life, Many of which, he believes, aren’t worth addressing There’s too much to do: the chores, he asserts, especially the lawn must always be kept clean. Over a summer’s time, I learned how to mow the lawn from a man hiding secrets, watched as he neatly made … More Mowing Lawns

Clearing, Planting

24 May, 2017 I took a walk through South Creek the other day after visiting my grandfather.  My grandfather’s German Shepard, Elsa, took me fast down the trail, pounding out her excitement paw-after-paw.  Eventually my thoughts caught up to my own body and I pulled to heel Elsa as best as I could.  I could hear … More Clearing, Planting

climate change

what is the weather like in your country? folks say ours is mild but I’ve been noticing longer droughts, periods of silence harsher storms, lots of fighting seems like the climate is changing around here getting warmer, or something and I think all these fuel efficient cars really do is drive us farther from the … More climate change


  There are times I think of mother with me, no more words to speak, just the holding. Folding into her heart, anything Precious, near though those pieces may be useless now: The pebbles under the sand, like old currency Or the rusty chain links creating palpable places passed over by a bird overhead beating … More useless