The Story of Elsa

I wouldn’t want to write a dog story if there wasn’t a pretty message at the end.  And there’s always an end isn’t there?  I think the 90s and early 2000s was the golden-era for those heart wrenching, eye-socket flooding, emotional deluging dog movies, weren’t they?  I mean, Old Yeller was way ahead of its … More The Story of Elsa

The Preciousness of Every Little Thing, Every Little Memory

My mom looked off for just a moment, as if some story had always been near to her and seemingly always there after all these years.  As she recalled the events, the colors of the room went dull and her words became crisp and vivid. “There was that one time.” She started, as if every … More The Preciousness of Every Little Thing, Every Little Memory


To at times be indecisive, is it not as natural as the shifts in weather? Somehow, this world has managed to live, resilient and unending—


  Right now, there is that compelling drive to make those twenty-something hours to Tennessee, to run along the low-hum of dreary mountains into New England and on over to New York, To take my time coming back, through the quiet rocky forests To all those pieces of my heart I left behind in each … More enough