Right now, there is that compelling drive to make those twenty-something hours to Tennessee, to run along the low-hum of dreary mountains into New England and on over to New York, To take my time coming back, through the quiet rocky forests To all those pieces of my heart I left behind in each … More enough


The celebration of winnowing the sunflowers is much like a quiet and content act of smashing the previous year into bits and saving the precious pieces of text that made it through last year’s hell.  The obvious metaphor of seed saving for next few seasons is a cliché, but that was not what I was … More Winnowing

It’s okay to look up, to let go, to make space. It’s okay: an homage to January

This time last year I had hiked the footpath down to South Creek.  Even in the winter, the waters manage to flow while all life around it is frozen and dormant.  With the coniferous trees, the buried small rodents, and the face of the cliff as witness, I casted expired cleansing salts from my grandfather’s … More It’s okay to look up, to let go, to make space. It’s okay: an homage to January

In the Walls

Late one night, or I suppose early one morning, a dream of the usual heartbreak, or of anger, I haven’t quite decided, stirred me awake.  Sluggishly, I tossed and writhed as if suspended in some thick and viscous sap.  Though I’ve never really seen a sloth, I could imagine myself one: moving gradually and in … More In the Walls

Coming into Vision

Look, I don’t want to belabor this story for too long; some of nature’s most quiet miracles occur in merely short moments and continue on without even a pause for admiration by the world’s mechanisms.  So why wait around?  Or rather, why wait more than needed?  I will try to be brief, to walk back … More Coming into Vision