The Corgi

To my dear sister fighting cancer.  This was a poem for her birthday. How often do people stick their face in yours to ask, what it must be like, as they coddle you and call it affection—do they know? your short comings have never stopped you from coming as far as you have. And, anyways, … More The Corgi

brush fire

It went like this:   Night would come. You would put away your rosary, your socks, wallet, and belt. You would put away your day in some closet. Once I peered in when you were away. I was a child then, and had no understanding, but when it came to messes, I knew there was— … More brush fire


You were told to put your clothes out on the line in spite of not knowing a waging storm was coming. No, none of us could have known that when you went and put everything out on the line, someday to return and collect yourself, you would never seem the same again.


you’ll find that sometimes there are no words to explain it all, to understand life; that is, nothing exactly can come close. Like, God, who I’m always asking, for about Love, mostly since I doubt ever settling on Home, because I can never just seem to be still, and okay with not knowing. these come … More shoreline


  I’m bad at this, I am, the whole asserting what I want, faulting to leave things intact though I know they are beginning to crumble. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll hear it. So I stay quiet, waiting. I’ve been told that earthquakes can be heard deep in the earth, it’s like a popping sound. … More earthquake

When it Works

I’ve never doubted sowing seeds that is, since learned that, no, not all of them will make it, place two or three in every hole. I’m not afraid when nothing comes up. It’s when things work, when choosing which one will grow, which others will go, knowing There is terrible hardship ahead, nothing but sweating, … More When it Works


I know jumping is bad for the knees, harder on the body as we get older, but I never realized that this little insect, this pest, as it leaps from leaf to leaf, to whatever it decides or desires, is the thing killing my garden. I’ve wondered once before what’ll stress a plant to the … More Leafhopper

day dream

Wasn’t the dresser just here? And the pictures, had they come off their frames? Glanced to find the windows no longer open, only a dark film stretched where they used to be. Spoke, “wait,” to the hollow room to listen, but only felt a harsh gust rush through under my feet. The wind ran across … More day dream